Getting around our website and finding resorts is very easy. At the top of each page is the Main Menu with buttons to the main content areas. Above the Main Menu are two search boxes labeled "What Are You Looking For" and "Where". If you know the name of the resort you are looking for you can just type it into the "What . . ." search box. The "Where" search box is fairly self-explanatory - just type in the name the city and/or state. If this does not seem to work make sure you delete any previous search text in the "What . . ." box.

TIP: Unless you know the exact name of the resort typing in fewer words in the resort name works better. If you type in the full name of the resort and it is off by just a word the resort will not be found. But typing in fewer words will bring up all instances of the name. For example: If I were to search for Blue Mesa Ranch it would not be found because the listed name is Blue Mesa Recreational Ranch. But if I entered just the word "Blue" then all instances of "Blue" will come up making it way easier to navigate to the resort I am looking for. Try it for yourself - just type Blue into the What box above the main menu. Now try this - type Pine into the What search box and see all the resorts with Pine in the name listed.

Search Boxes

By far the easiest way to find a resort is to use the BROWSE BY STATE lower down on the home page. Chances are you already know what state you are looking for resorts in. Just click on the state, ie Oregon, and all the resorts in Oregon will be listed on the search results page.

Search By State

Clicking on Oregon will take you to results page shown below. Notice the two tabs above the map. MAP VIEW shows a map and LIST VIEW shows a list of resorts. The Map View is shown below. Notice the left hand column shows all the cities in Oregon which have resorts. The blue circles on the map with a number represent clustered pins - map pins that very close together. Clicking on the blue circle will zoom in the map so the pins show separate.

Oregon Map

List View

List View

You can also refine your search by using the REFINE BY column on the left. This feature narrows your seach by keywords. For instance the map is now showing all the resorts in Oregon. To see, for example, just the ACN resorts in Oregon click on ACN under the Category heading. If you refined a search and get the page shown below it means there are no resorts for that search. In this instance there are no AOR resorts in Coos Bay, Oregon.

TIP: To do another refined search you must first clear out the existing search by removing the kewords individually or by using the "Remove all" link under the keywords.

Refine By