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Rising gas prices are like the weather. Everyone talks about them, but nobody can do anything about them. Until now.

Join a nationwide community dedicated to finding the lowest gas prices with GasBuddy. Use it in your neighborhood, across the country--or while you're traveling across the country (United States or Canada). With a single tap, you can locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices. Distances from your location are noted, and you can call up a map with their sites pinpointed.

The real power of GasBuddy comes when you become an active participant. Become a member and contribute updated prices as you see them. It's simple: find the gas station in the listings, note the prices and the time you saw them, and add any comments. The more involved you are, the more accurate and up-to-date the listings are.

With every gas price you report, you'll earn points toward entries in prize giveaways. A $250 gas gift card is given away every week. And you'll never overpay for gas again.

- Take action to find lower gas prices
- Find the best deals in your area
- Hold down costs on driving trips
- Submit price changes as you observe them
- Win gas gift cards in weekly giveaways

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21 Jul 2015